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Update announcement of Freewing F-16 64mm EDF Jet

Thank you for your love and use of Freewing products. While we are trying to develop new products, we are also listening to and collecting feedback on the use of our products, so that we can find more deficiencies in our products. Thank you again for your support and understanding. This time, We improved the F-16 64mm EDF jet to further enhance the product experience. If the parts are not universal due to product improvement, please forgive me! Or, you can contact our staff for assistance.

The following are the detail improvement of the F-16 64mm EDF Jet :

1. The specification of nose gear steering wire has been changed from the original Φ 2.0mm diameter, updated to Φ 3.0mm diameter, higher strength.

2.We increased two servos to control the elevator. The operation mode is changed from the original delta wing (aileron-elevator) mixed control mode to the standard independent channel control (aileron, elevator, rudder).

3.Use the new servo arm with the plastic ball head structure.

4. We modified the EDF space in fuselage and it can install the new 64mm series 12 blade EDF power system, improved its power level.(Use the #E7206 to replace the #E7204) ,also, install the upgrade version (#E7207) and professional version (#E7208/#E7209) of new 64mm 12 blade EDF power system, don’t need to revise the fuselage, and install directly.