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New! Freewing 64mm 12 Blade EDF Power system V2

The first 64mm 5-blade EDF power system of Freewing Model was launched in 2008.

The first 64mm 12-blade EDF power system of Freewing Model was launched in 2018.


In August 2022, with the release of Banshee 64mm 12blade EDF sport jet, we also officially launched the new version 2 of 64mm 12-blade EDF power system. In November, the three upgraded versions of 64mm 12-blade EDF power system V2 were launched at the same time.


As time goes by, product design indicators are also changing. At the same time, the types of batteries are more abundant, and the ESC security is also constantly improved. The 64mm 12 blade EDF power system V2 will replace all old 64mm EDF power system and use to our 64 series EDF jets.


- Product appearance

The ducted fan made by the new mold has adopted the new appearance design style of Freewing Model: Mirror polished LOGO and frosted surface. Cone cowling, fixed and indivisible inlet lip.  Use the screw fix to replace the old adhesive fix.


- Noise control

Use the new fan assembly design and more precise manufacturing process, the abnormal noise of the whole EDF power system has been effectively suppressed.

After the aircraft is assembled, the sound effect of the aircraft cutting the airflow during flight is more obvious and pure.


- Multiple specifications

The Freewing Model 64mm 12-blade EDF V2 equipped with 4 different KV motors. Among them, the basic version (2840-2850KV out-runner motor) is applied to the PNP version of Freewing Model 64mm series single EDF jets. The other three items equipped with more effective in-runner motors as an upgraded accessories and sell separately.