Freewing Eurofighter Typhoon 90mm EDF Jet - 6S PNP
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  6S PNP
Material EPO foam & ABS Plastic
Wingspan 1030mm / 40.5"
Length 1450mm / 57.1"
Take off weight 3230g / 113.9oz (Include Missiles and pylons, w/o battery)
Top Speed 194KPH / 121.25MPH (w/o missiles)
EDF / Propeller 90mm 12-Blade EDF
Motor 3668-1960KV Inrunner Brushless Motor
ESC 120A with 8A BEC , EC5 Connector

Digital Hybrid gear servo 9g ╳ 4pcs, Metal gear servo 9g ╳ 2pcs
Digital metal gear servo 17g ╳ 3pcs

Landing Gear

Electronic retractable landing gear with metal shock absorbing struts (Gray color)

Cabin door Front door, Main Landing gear door
LED lights Formation lights  ╳ 4pcs , Landing lights ╳ 2pcs
Spcial accessories EF Multi-Function Control board
Ailerons Yes
Elevator Mixing control
Rudder Yes
Flap Yes
Canards Yes
3DTV Nozzle Set -
Others Electric air brake
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Specification parameter introduction
Skill Level 
Specification parameter introduction
Required Radio 
6+ Channel
Specification parameter introduction
Required Battery
6S 22.2V 5000~6000mAh LiPo
EC5 Connector
Specification parameter introduction
Assembly Way
Wings fixed by screw
Specification parameter introduction
Build Time
About 2 hours



Color Scheme and Decal

It adopts the tiger painting of the Spanish Air Force in 2018, which is beautiful and eye-catching. (SPANISH TYPHOON NATO TIGER MEET 2018 )
Package includes the additional fluorescent sticker, which simulates a ribbon formation lamp. Paste these fluorescent strips to the specified position, and they will have a very good visual effect in low light environment.


Rich details and high scale shape

For the whole jet, made 10 weapon mounting points (8 sliding rail structures, 2 magnetic adsorption structures), and 4 different types of simulated missiles and bombs. Total is 10pcs.


Landing gear

Scale Landing gear with light grey shock absorption group.

The optimized design scheme makes the damping action smoother and the damping linearity better.

High precision parts with smaller fit clearance. Carry out 500 times of vibration reduction tests in the indoor dust and sediment environment box, all of which can work normally without sediment infiltration.


Concealed auxiliary air inlet with self-aspirating

Further improve the intake efficiency. When parking on the ground or flying at low speed, it maximizes the integrity of product appearance


Cabin door

The cabin door controlled by servo has higher stability. Two different working modes of the cabin door improve the range of the jet's use environment.


LED navigation light system

It is composed of two landing lights and four beacon lights. At the same time, it optimizes the control program of the beacon light, which is closer to the effect of the beacon light of the real aircraft, such as the lighting effect, flicker frequency, etc.


Speed brake

The speed brake is driven by an electric vortex rod (15kgf. cm) and operates reliably.

It is opened during landing, with obvious deceleration, and will not change the pitch attitude of the aircraft.


New power system

New 90mm 12blade EDF standard power system has 2% efficiency increase, further reducing the motor noise. The flying sound is pure with extraordinary scene experience.


Brushless ESC

120A brushless ESC with 8A BEC(2S~8S) is with reverse thrust function.

During the landing process, the speed brake can effectively reduce the landing speed. After landing, start the launch immediately to quickly stop taxiing and shorten the taxiing distance.


Battery and battery compartment

The battery compartment space can accommodate a group of 6S or 8S 5000mAh~6000mAh batteries.


Important logo with considerate design
The lower surface of the main wing is marked with the mark of center of gravity; On the side of the nose, there is a reference line for the canard centering position. Get the right and important information anytime, anywhere.


Assembly structure

The main wing is fixed with 6 anti-falling screws and is connected with the fuselage with ribbon cable.

The canard, vertical tail and wingtip pods are fixed with screws.

The foam block at the tail fuselage and the tail nozzle are glued together to form a whole fuselage, which is no longer disassembled.


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