Freewing 3kg Electronic Retracts - S
Freewing 3kg Electronic Retracts - S


TypeS - Class
Gear Material Nylon+ABS                                                                                                  .
Voltage4.8V ~ 6.0V

Speed (4.8V)

1.3 sec / 90 deg
Speed (6.0V)1.1 sec / 90 deg
Torque (4.8V) 2.8 kg/cm (39 oz/in)
Torque (6.0V)3.2 kg/cm (44.5 oz/in)
Current Draw at Idle(4.8V)100mA
Current Draw at Idle(6.0V)130mA
Maximum Load Current(4.8V)900mA
Maximum Load Current(6.0V)1100mA
Current  Draw Operating (No Load)10mA
Dimensions (L×W×H)62 × 30 × 44mm
Weight 34g (1.2oz)
Lead Length 360mm , Futaba Lead Wire

① When the load is lower than the maximum torque, the landing gear electric controller can work normally. 

② Different outlet lengths will cause slight differences in product weight. The net weight of the final product is subject to the actual product.

③ The cable length of different models is different, please refer to the cable length marked on the adapted model for selection. If there is no designated model, the default cable length is 360mm when the product is shipped.



Packing List

- Electronic Retracts ×1

- Screws (PWA 3 × 8 mm) ×4

- Screws (PWA 3 × 8 mm) ×4

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